Our Work

The Child Protection Development Trust believe that all child abuse victims should receive the very best care and protection no matter where they live.  That is why we are working to bring the highest standards of investigation, welfare and prosecution of offenders in developing countries based on internationally recognised best practice.

It is difficult to imagine the trauma experience by children abused by someone who they trusted and thought would look after and care for them. No amount of help can eliminate the bad memories, but creating a reassuring and safe environment for the child to talk about his or her experience can accelerate the healing process. In some of the countries where we are working, a child may be expected to retell the full horror of their experience in graphic detail up to ten times during the investigation and prosecution of the offender. Simply by video recording the first interview with the investigator, the child only has to relive the experience ONCE, other professionals can then view the video. The child can then start the process of recovery.

The centres where the video recording equipment is installed also provide support for the families of the victims to help them come to terms with the abuse suffered by their child.

Please help us to give practical help to some of the most vulnerable children in the developing world.

The Child Protection Development Trust Ltd, is registered at Companies House (England and Wales), Registration Number 6005984 and at the Charity Commission Registration Number 1118696.